Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for all clients and their parents:
Tutoring is not a hobby it is a vocation and one that must be taken seriously.
If you book a place you must attend all lessons.
Remember tutoring is my employment: you would not expect to not get paid if your boss chose to take the day off, so the same level of courtesy has to be applied to me please.

If you need to cancel a lesson 48 hours must be provided in all circumstances.
If you fail to do so, the full amount is still to be paid and in cash.
If it is not paid your place will be terminated and given to a client on the waiting list. 

All bookings continue throughout all the school holidays.
If you are to be away on holiday you must provide 2 weeks notice in writing [email] in order to avoid having to pay the fees owed.
If the notice in writing is not received [excuses of any kind e.g. email error etc will not be accepted], you will be expected to pay the fee owed.
If you fail to do so your place will be terminated and given to a client on the waiting list. 

When you wish to terminate the tutoring sessions: due to GCSE exams being taken, KS2 exams or 11+, you must still remember to arrange the cancellation/completion of those sessions, otherwise it will be assumed that you wish to continue on to the next level and payment will be owed. 

If I am going to be late due to trafiic you will be advised of this by text message or email - depending upon which information you have provided.
All sessions that follow on with other clients, will also be notified. This cannot be used as an excuse to cancel a session, so please ensure that you have an hour free after your lesson time. 

If you wish to terminate your tutoring for any reason you must provide two weeks notice, you can either attend the sessions or pay for them without attending however, two weeks must be provided. You enter into all these agreements freely and of your own volition by attending the first tutoring session. 

The only days that I do not tutor are when I am marking National GCSE papers, usually around 2 weeks in the Summer. Exact dates change each year and will be provided once the exam board has provided them to me. 
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year Eve
New Years Day
Bank Holiday Mondays

When attending Home Tutor Sessions:

When attending my home sessions, please ensure that your child is clean [not arriving straight from football training!], hands are clean, shoes are to be clean and also removed, so please make sure that they are wearing clean socks.

Please arrive on time: If you are late for your session it will not be extended as there are other sessions that run after yours and I have two children of my own, with their own commitments that I must keep to.

This is also why the fee is to be paid in cash, in an envelope please to be paid at the beginning of the tutoring session please, as I will not tutor without payment, nor do I have the time to wait for you to go to the bank, so pleased be organised. Thank you. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask:
Email: [email protected]

By attending and paying for your first tutoring session you are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set out and any future changes that may be implemented. It is solely your responsibility to check if there have been any changes, not the companies or tutors. You are also fully accepting that you understand that I am a tutor and not a teacher. I am not governed by any regulations. I do not need to be insured or DBS checked. I do not need to be qualified in any capacity in order to Tutor your child.  

If you need any further information on these points please see the regulations guidelines for Tutors. 

My Clients

  1. All my clients manage to agree to and adhere to the above terms and conditions. They ensure that your child's studying is routine and managed effectively. They ensure that good working relationship are established and maintained.
    Thank you
  2. Please ensure that you bring the correct amount for each tutorial session in cash.
    Thank you