Tabitha aged 16

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you, I would not have got my grades without you.
I dont want these sessions to finish it wasn't 'just tutoring' it's so much more. I hope that all your students in the future realise how amazing you are and listen to your advice because everything you told me to learn came up in my exams and everything you told me to include and focus on, was key to getting the 6 A's and A*'s that I achieved in my Science GCSEs. I will never forget you and never be able to thank you enough".
Tabitha is now training to be a legal secretary. 


"The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet"

aged 15

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got 2 B's overall and I'm thrilled to bits.
I got A's to be fair in some of my individual papers but the controlled assessments that I completed in school brought my grade down, as they were only awarded C's. I'm disappointed that my teachers didn't do more to help me in school because then I would have got my A''s. 
I'm so glad that you took me on as your tutee and I'm so grateful for all the tutorials, the evenings before my exams. It calmed me down and gave me the confidence I needed: to know I could walk into my exams and be a success. I couldn't have done it without you, thank you. 
Riley wants to be a Banker and due to his Grades achieved he is moving forwards towards achieving his dream. He is now going to study Business, Math and Accounting at A'Level.
I needed help desperately I only had 4 weeks before my exams and my Science Teacher left the school. We were stuck with cover teachers who knew nothing at all and the lessons were a disaster, both with behaviour and for learning. And this was a really good school!
My Mum was able to get hold of you but you were fully booked. My Mum pleaded my desperation and you came to us on a Sunday and during the May holiday before my Science Exams started.
You gave me lessons and key notes on all the topics to be covered. Thankfully I was only taking Core Science, so there was only 3 subject areas.
You explained everything I had to learn, you gave me excellent sets of comprehensive notes and made it clear I had to learn them word for word, and then any questions that came up on those topics I had to answer fully with what she had given me specifying the key words everytime.
You were adamant that if I did not do this I would fail. I'm stunned. Your knowledge of the exams and how to identify key topics saved me completely. Everything you told me was true.
Every topic you said would come up did. And I stuck to what I had learned.
No one was more surprised than me when I got a B in Biology, Chemistry and my Physics. I would have failed if my mum had not found you, so thank you.
I cannot express clearly enough that my applications to college are only going ahead because of this Lady's knowledge and experience. I'm so glad that my teacher left, as she hadnt taught me anything that you did. 

Eleanor aged 16

I am thrilled that Ellie can now go on to follow her dreams, she worked extremely hard over those 3 weeks that I saw her and her mum sat with her every night and tested her on her notes so that they were clear in her head. She practised the past papers i gave her and she was usccessful. Ellie is now going on to do her Science A'levels and her Business Diploma. Good luck Ellie. 

aged 16

Hi, I went to a private school but my grades were not getting above an E grade. I needed to pass my Science and my Math GCSEs in order to gain entry onto any of the college courses that I had chosen.
My Mum found you. I travelled to you every week for 6 months and every thing was simple. She does all the work, she explains eveything clearly and at my level, you gave me notes to learn from, so that everything you said to me was there for me to study from when I got home, it was so easy.
I'm very pleased to say that I passed: Math B; Biology B; Chemistry B; and Physics A.
A huge thank you from me.
So pleased for Livvy and it just goes to show that it doesn't matter what type of school you are lucky enough to go to, if the teachers are not knowledgable or cannot get the key concepts across in a way that the students can understand, it will not allow you to be a success.
I wish Livvy all the success in the world for her next endeavours. 

Stephanie age 11

I loved my tutoring. She makes everything so easy to understand. It's okay to say that I dont understand. I get all the time I need and it's all for me. I don't have to wait to ask a question or wait for someone to bother to come and help me, like I have to in school. I love my tutoring and I'm going to miss it so much.
I didn't want to take the Grammar tests, I am happy to go to the secondary school close to where I live. I am now in the top sets for English, Math, Science, Art and History. I worked so hard and I got a level 4a and a level 5b in my KS2 papers. I read every day, 2 small books per day as my homework and I learned my spellings and timestables. It changed everything for me at school and it was so easy to do.
I was always below average and my teachers wanted to blame it on my Special Needs, it always made me cry when I got my school reports or saw my teacher at parents evening, so I didn't want to go to school any more.
Tutoring changed all that for me. I am so happy now. 
Stephanie was so hard working and I'm thrilled for her that she is finally happy going to school. 

aged 11

My Mummy wanted me to go to Grammar school but my teachers said that I couldn't because I wouldn't pass the test. I was so upset for my Mummy I asked her what we could do?
We got a tutor.  She's amazing and so much fun. I love the train game the best.
You taught me how to improve my literacy level and reading level, so that I became top of my class. You showed me how to learn all my big timestables, so I could remember them quickly, this drove everyone at home mad! But it worked.
I learned fractions, equations and reflections of shapes. Lots of things I was never taught at my school.
I took the Kent test in September and I passed. My Mummy bought me new shoes because she was so happy.
In May I took more exams. I got level 5's in my KS2 SATs. My friends only got level 3's and level 4's and most still dont know their timestables.
I am so glad I got my tutor. My Mummy says were going to keep her and do my GCSEs next :)
Samantha was determined that no one was going to tell her what she could or couln't do. She wasn't bothered if she passed the Kent test or not, she just wanted to be better than she was at that time, and prove to her teachers that she could learn all the topics they said she would never understand. 
Samantha is a shining example of why you should never give up. 
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