Parents Testimonials

Amazing Tutor

This lovely Lady is not only an amazing Tutor with heaps of experience, she is also a counsellor and it shows. Her ability to always make time for her students: listening carefully to what they think and what their understanding is, makes such a huge difference.
I know that teachers don't have time in lessons but thats exactly the point. If you don't make time to know them, how can you help them? Well that's my logic anyway.
Our tutor has proven that her ability to understand where my daughter was struggling made a huge difference to her life, her ability, her progress and quite honestly mine too. My daughter changed so much: she was happier, no longer embarrassed about going to school and not knowing anything. She was always raising her hand in class and her teachers always commented on how much of a change they had seen in her and how much she had improved.
I never told them she had a tutor until she gained her first set of grades. I insisted that she be entered early for the core exams [following our tutors advice], so she sat them in Year 10, wow, so, so pleased she did. She got an A* in her controlled assessment no small part due to her tutors expertise: as she helped my daughter understand all the principles surrounding the topic it was about, she taught her how to draw a table, draw a graph, how to interpret graphs, what variables are? [Don't ask me!}
I was stunned that my 14 year old daughter had no idea how to draw a graph! This is apparently normal, as the GCSE Math specification did not require studetns to be taught how to draw graphs! [2015]
But of course when it came to Science it meant she had no clue how to complete her assessment. If it wasn't for her tutor prepping her and telling her what to expect and what to do, I don't think she would have got a grade at all.

Exams: Our tutor has provided my daughter with an excellent set of exam cards, the only downside of this is that I was given homework too! I had to sit there every night and ask the questions, check the answers, correct her if she was wrong or being lazy with her answers. I can't fault her it worked. 
My daughter ended up knowing everything off by heart, even I had learned so much science that I was never taught at school.

This wonderful Lady knows what works. She works them hard, no messing about, learning, listening, studying, homework, the lot. But I definitely got my moneys worth. She has tutored my daughter every week for 2 years and she's an extension of our family. I cannot thank her enough for helping my daughter.
She ended up with 2 A*s and 6 A's all in Science [2 A grades overall]. I couldn't be prouder of my daughter and couldn't be more grateful that I got her to tutor my daughter, best thing I've ever done. 

Mrs. Surry

No Nonsense

It's simple really: she is an amazing tutor, she doesn't waste time: the whole hour is spent teaching and testing to improve knowledge and understanding. She will explain everything until it is understood. She provides such a wealth of knowledge not only about the science but about the exams, the way they work, what they need to know, how to answer effectively and accurately.
Our tutor is the reason my daughter passed after repeatedly being failed by her school and her teachers. I wish there were more teachers out there like our tutor, every child deserves to be taught by such an amazing and dedicated person. Thank you. 

Mrs. Dalton


My daughter was orignally taught by this amazing woman at school, then sadly she left to further her studies and the teaching in general went down hill at the school where my daughter was at so, I moved her to a brand new school that was just opening. 

It came to February and my daughter grades were not getting better. She needed help with her Math and her Science. A friend told me that she was no longer a teacher and had become a privae tutor and counsellor, I couldnt believe my luck. My daughter was so pleased and begged me to get her to come and tutor her. I'm so glad I did. 

As a parent I'm sure the cost is something that you're all worried about, as a single parent so was I, but I can assure you that not one penny has been wasted. 
She managed to teach her both the Core and Additional Schemes of Work from beginning to end. She wrote note cards for her on the key topics, she gave her exam answers to practice and learn for the 6 mark questions, she was simply brilliant.
My daughter knew exactly what she had to do and trusted her implicidly. It paid off too. My daughter in March was assessed by her school and told she wouldnt attain higher than 2 E's in her Science and an F in her Math. Our Tutor just laughed at their inexperience and lack of knowledge of my daughters tenacity. 

My daughter results came in today and she got 2 B grades at GCSE overall in her Science and a C grade in her Math. We couldn't be more pleased or more grateful. 

If you want success: your child is going to have to work hard for her grades as mine did. Your child is going to need confidence and you can't get that from someone who doesn't know what they are doing. This Tutor is amazing, dont hesitate, use her to get the success you deserve. 

Mrs. Harvey

Consistent & Honest

Riley was consistently graded as being an E grade student in all his Sciences. This made no sense to me, my son was a bright boy.
I got in touch with a Tutor via this website, she came round and discussed things with Riley, taught him some science, tested him and in one hour she was able to tell me exactly what was going on, what his teachers were doing wrong and what Riley was doing wrong. 

We arranged weekly tuition and within weeks Riley's grades were hugely improving. I went and met with his science Teacher who still assured me that Riley didn't understand and that he would not get higher than an E. 
Our Tutor assured me that the teacher was wrong and that Riley was doing well and improving week by week. She was right. 

Our Tutor got Riley to practice past papers and he worked so hard. He did as many as 3 past papers a night sometimes. She marked every single one for him, fed back on every question and gave him the grades he had earned. 
Riley was gaining A-C grades on all his papers. 
It came to the week of his exams and Riley went into melt down, panicking about everything. I called her and to my amazment she dropped everything and came round and tutored him at 8 and 9 pm at night the days before his exams to reassure him that he did know and that he would pass.

She gave up so much of her own time to her tutees, and she has a family herself, I cannot fault her, she never let my son down. It was up to him now. Our tutor couldn't have done any more and to be honest I was so proud of Riley and how much effort and time he had put in to all his revision, he deserved to pass. 

Exam day came and I am thrilled to say that it was clear that it was his teachers that were letting him down: he got a C in his Controlled Assessments but A's and B's in all his exam papers, all 6 of them. So my son gained 2 B grades at GCSE overall. It was his Controlled Assessment that brought his grade down. 

Our tutor did her job and did my son proud. I'm very grateful for her honesty and continuous support of my son. 

Mr. Cayden


I have found that the problem today with schools is there complete lack of communication and the inability to find good teachers who can actually teach. I am amazed, and I've travelled the world, at how poor the English education system is. So, I put my daughter into a private school where I assumed that because I was paying for the education, that the education had to therefore be excellent. How wrong could I have been!

My daughter teachers disappeared: they couldn't cope with the pressure of high expectations! Now that doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't all teachers have high expectations?

My daughter now had no science teacher. It was ridiculous. 
Her exams less than 6 months away and no teacher?
I went online and used this site to find our tutor. Best result ever. 

She tutored my daughter in all 3 Sciences and her Math. Even though I only hired her initially to do Biology and Math my daughter asked her to do all 3 with her, after having learned so much more Biology in 2 months than she had in 5 years.

Exam day: My daughter passed both her sciences with C grades and a B in Math. I'm very pleased with her results. Results she would not have achieved without a teacher. 

Mrs. Pepper


We are very grateful to our tutor for taking a subject that our extremely clever daughter hated and got her to engage her with it, to understand it and then enjoy it. Not an easy task at all.
Our daughter went on to pass all her exams with very high grades and we are exceptionally grateful to our Tutor for teaching our daughter to never give up.

Mr. Whyte


It was all very last minute but my son panicked when his teacher said he got an E in his Math Mock, just before he was due to sit his GCSE exams in 5 weeks!

So, I hired this tutor to help him with his Math. She was only able to fit us in every fortnight. She worked with my son very closely and targetted only the areas that he needed for his exams and those he couldn't do. With two lessons he was completing past papers with B grades. 

She continued to set him work, leave him instruction sheets and rules on what to do and what steps to follow. He was clearly determined because he did everything that he was asked and wouldn't let anyone disturb him. 

Then she said that my son didn't need her anymore, saying that he knew how to do everything, all he had to do was to practise, practise, practise.
She left him with 6 past papers to complete and the markschemes. He did the lot before the exam.
I can't thank her enough: He got a B! Totally unexpected after the E grade.
I only wish now that I had asked her to teach him Science as well.
Live and learn

Thank you. 

Mrs. Tallett


I can't thank our wonderful Tutor enough for giving my daughter some stability. My daughter is not hard working, she is very artistic and will exceed at anything like that, but present her with Math or Science and she literally wants to run away. 

My husband found this amazing Tutor online and we hired her to come and do all 3 sciences and Math. I wish I had listened more to her telling me that my daughter was being lazy and I wish I had pushed my daughter more to complete more work however, these exams are hers to do and not mine. 

Our Tutor taught her all the Sciences again. 
She evaluated her Math and only went over the subjects that she desperatley needed to want to learn and understand, so that she didn't fail miserably. 

She managed to spark her interest and engage with her, which no one else had done. 

Our Tutor continued to go through everything, even though I know that most of the time the reason my daughter didn't remember something was because she wasn't doing the homework that was set and wasn't following the guidance given by our Tutor. Had my daughter done so, not only would my daughter have passed but she could also have far exceeded all expectations of her. 
My daughter Passed her science with 2 Cs and a C in Math. I'm so relieved. 

Mrs. Stuart

  "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically"
Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr.