"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela
If your child is due to take their GCSEs and they have not attained their target grade already this needs immediate action.

The GCSEs in May/June will come around so very quickly, you'll blink and it will be too late. Trust me it's the same every year: My students think they have all the time in the world then it's May! And they wish they had started revising in the previous September, as advised.

I have successfully tutored students in all 3 GCSE Sciences for varying exam boards: OCR, AQA, Edexcel, IGCSE: and students in Math for Edexcel, happily all my tutees have passed their GCSEs.  
KS2 and 11+

I have been trained to teach all KS2 subjects, I have years experience of teaching KS2 and I used to be an examiner for the SATs Exams, so I am very knowledgeable as to what examiners are looking to see when the students sit their exams in Year 6.

This experience led to an interest in the 11+ exams. Far too many students are entered for these when they do not have the ability and no focus is placed on their KS2 exams. This is a mistake. Regardless of whether your child takes the Kent Test, Bexley Test, 11+ etc they still have to sit their KS2 exams towards the end of Year 6 and it is these exams that will provide the data for the Secondary and Grammar schools, to set your child for the next 5 years of their lives.

If their Literacy level and Numeracy levels are not high they will be placed in bottom sets and then behaviour will be an overwhelming factor in your childs progress. 
How do I know?

I worked in education for 10 years. The way students are set has not changed. And despite the removal of progress levels and GCSE grades, it will continue to be used in this way.

It is therefore imperative that if your child is in Primary school that their understanding and application of the basic primary skills is very high [Exceeding]. If it is not then they should be tutored. 

If your child wishes to take the Kent Test, Bexley Test, 11+ etc.. this interest should already be registered online with the appropriate council.

Please see my advice pages regarding these.

Why did you become a tutor?
As you will see from the information on the other pages of my website, so many teachers are leaving the profession, despite financial incentives, due to:
  • The rising number of violent incidents in school against teachers.
  • Teachers are not supported sufficiently by Headteachers or the Government.
  • Teachers falsley accused of providing additonal help in coursework, and being banned as a result from schools, not academies.
  • Pay has decreased.
  • Working hours have increased.
  • SEND Staff are being made redundant when there are not enough TA's, LSA's and HTLA's in schools as it is.
  • Teachers are not supported by parents.
  • Students and parents are abusive to teachers.

I needed to change my career to be one that benefited my children too.

I enjoy tutoring students who want to learn and there are less and less of these in schools today.

The tutoring experience is much more personalised. This is not teaching. I am not a teacher, I am a Tutor. You get instant feedback, and appreciation when you can see the smile of understanding grow across the tutees faces. 

I firmly believe that all children should be entitled to a good education and that currently isn't happening in schools.

I tutor and treat every student as I would want my son's to be taught. Very few Schools respect this amount of dedication, so I would much rather be where I am appreciated. 

​I have 98.5% success rate with all my GCSE, A'Level, KS3 & KS2 tutees passing their exams. I have 94% pass rate at the 11+.
What qualifications do you have?
I took 10 GCSEs at Secondary school, I then went to college and completed another 4 GCSEs that my school hadn't offered.
I took my A'levels in Law and English Literature.
I then completed a National Diploma in Science: these were equivalent to A'Levels, a very intensive course that consisted of 22 A'Level equivalents being assessed by Exams and Coursework that was rigourously marked, and unlike today all my research had to be done by books. 

I went on to University where I completed my degree that majored in Animal Biology and minored in Conservation Biology, Microbiology, Mathematics and Environmental Science. 

I worked in Business for 4 years before then opting to complete a Post Graduate Degree in Education in 2004. I worked solidly in education for 10 years. 

I am now a private tutor. 
As my experience grew in tutoring an interest was sparked towards Youth Counselling and as a result I have now, finally, completed my Post Graduate Level 4 Diploma in Counselling. 
Do you have children?
Yes I do.
So I have first hand experience of what it is like to be a parent and how working parents are treated by schools and the education system. 

I appreciate how stressful being a parent is and why your child have to be your priority. 

I understand first hand the pressures of your child sitting exams.

How long have you been tutoring?

I have been tutoring for over 10 years.
I have 98.5% success rate at GCSE.
100% success rate at KS2. 
​I have 94% pass rate at the 11+.
i have 100% success rate at offeres from Dulwich College and Eltham College with Academic scholarships. 
Those that achieved the highest grades did so because they:
  • Attended all their tutoring session including those during the holidays.
  • They had extra sessions before their exams.
  • They completed all the work I set them.
  • They learned all the exam/test note cards that I made for them.
  • And they worked exceptionally hard. 

Why choose me over the other tutors?

Very few have my success rate.

Very few are prepared to go the extra mile for your child: making free resources, exam cards, devising games, setting and marking homework, spelling tests, reading levels etc.

I have been, and continue to be, an examiner at KS2, KS3 and GCSE, so I have a unique insight into what the examiners are looking for and I can therefore educate my students how to use the key words to formulate exam answers: which key concepts to learn: and how to adequately prepare to ensure that they succeed. 

I am reliable, professional, will provide one to one help and tuition.
I'm also alot cheaper than most: £35 per hour sounds alot I know but when others charge £45-£50 an hour and will not travel to you, I'm not expensive. Also you'll find that the majority of tutors now do so online as they are actually still students themselves and havent completed their own degrees yet so have no experience whatsoever in examinations or tutoring.

I provide each client has their own A4 exercise book with their own set of revision notes and key instructions on how to carry out processes [Math/Numeracy] that they will be tested on, as they move forward, to ensure their understanding and reinforce the confidence as they progress. 

But dont just take my word for it: read the student and parents testimonials that they have posted online. Just click on the relevant button at the top of the screen.