All children have different characters, different needs and different abilities. It takes an experienced teacher, who has taught across all Key Stages, to understand what students need to learn and why?

"Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education"

Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr.​

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EMail: [email protected]
EMail: [email protected]
I am heavily subscribed to, which often results in waiting lists. So ensure that you contact me as soon as possible in order to book in when you would like you son or daughter to be tutored.​

​It takes years of experience and successful teaching practice to be able to identify these learning needs and know how to adapt the teaching methods in order to ensure that each individual is able to progress and exceed their own expectations. 





98% Success Rate:
All students at GCSE have passed A* - C.

​All students have exceeded their estimated grades in their KS2 SATs.

All students who have worked hard have passed their 11+ and gone to their chosen school. 
95% of parents are not aware that their childs KS2 grades will determine their progress for their duration in secondary education and how they are set.
Behaviour of other students affects your childs attainment 100% of the time.
Your child needs a firm understanding of the subjects learned, so that they are confident and to ensure that they know how to ask for help: so that they continue to make progress.
100% Experience is what any good tutor should have, in order to secure excellent understanding of the childs needs: regardless of age, subject or Key stage.

Experienced tutoring, marking, examining are all required, so that your child is guided positively with first hand experience and advice in order to achieve success.